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Top 5 Wordpress Plugins I’m Using Now!

Andi's top 5 wordpress plugins

Having spent almost 3 years on Gizchina, plus working on various other sites to boost SEO and overall rating, page views, subscribers etc I have had my please (and displeasure) trying hundreds of Wordpress plugins!

Now, this isn’t a list of all the plugins I use, and I’m not saying they will necessarily work for you, but they certainly have for me!

Andi’s Top 5 Wordpress Plugins

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Roadside turtle vendors

I’ve just come down the mountain after getting a call from my brother wanting to meet. So I’m sat on a low wall, sweating my boobs off (I have a nice pair of man breasts) and who should I meet but the roadside turtle vendor !

I have a few questions;

1. Is the roadside the best place to sell turtles?

2. Is there such a demand for turtles as you can make a living selling them… On a roadside?

3. Where does he get the turtles from?

4. Are they ready to eat?

5. How much for a turtle?

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Who are Huawei?

Who are Huawei

Who are Huawei, or more importantly how do you say Huawei? Well China’s biggest company you have never heard of are asking just that across the United States!

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When I’m not being a geek I…

Andi Sykes Dalian Bike Park China

Many of you may no me as the bloke from Gizchina, and you probably picture a bit of a geek! While I do have a bit of geek in me I do try my best to get a little extreme now and then.

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